SEAFLY Group is primarily aimed at small and middle companies located in China and Europe.

We can help you to refine and develop your product offering, make it more competitive through a better understanding of your consumers needs, introduce to you reliable partners for an outsourcing approach, extend your business in finding export outlets or new distribution networks

Market Analysis



SEAFLY Group can provide to your company:

  • Competitive intelligence

  • Ad Hoc studies

  • Analysis of consumers expectations and trends








Marketing Strategy


SEAFLY Group will help you to identify opportunities and development potential.


Starting from your business objectives, we can advise you on the product marketing strategy to implement in the selected countries, define the products lines and their market positionning



Outsourcing Consulting


SEAFLY Group will help you to search the most suitable suppliers to the product developments you want to implement or the business you want to deal with.


SEAFLY Group will evaluate for you all the supplier main characteristics: product experience, level of quality, industrial capacity, lead time, price, service associated...)

SEAFLY Group can also support your company for the realization of the cooperation agreement (contract) with the selected supplier.



Support for Distribution of products


Thanks to its good knowledge of the distribution networks in Europe and in China, SEAFLY Group can be a strong partner for:

- Chinese companies wanting to export and distribute their products in France

- European  companies wanting to export and distribute their products in China






SEAFLY Group provides to its clients high value services and customized solutions


Experience ! Trust ! Expertise !



Our solid experience in the field and the long list of past projects make us a professional partner recommended. By opting for our team, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication and high availability throughout your projects. Trust us: together, we will accelerate the development of your business in the right direction, that of success.

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